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Alice Lin

Black Fairy.

Pencil on paper


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1. making into a tree-like condition or in a tree form and branching structure.

2. the process by which humans or humanoid creatures are transformed into trees.

Etymology: Latin arbor, “tree” + -fy, suffix from -ficāre, “to do, make”

[Chris Rahn - Daphne]

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Photoset of my Booker DeWitt from Otakon.

I actually really enjoyed this cosplay. It was very easy to wear around and I just love the game/series so much!!

Photos by Obscura Vista

Booker DeWitt - Zacloudseth

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Dru sewing patches like


Dru sewing patches like

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Let me tell you about my night.

I went to do my daughter’s hair (condition, comb, curl, etc). It’s a regular thing and when we went to do it she said “I’m not happy with this anymore”. I asked her why and she said she was done being a girl. She hated it, and wasn’t happy. She then asked me if she could get some new clothes, boy clothes. We talked and discussed why she wanted this and what made her decide this. She said she doesn’t like girl stuff. She likes motorcycles, monster trucks, superheroes and football. So you know what we did? She and I cut her butt-length hair and went shopping. $60 later and she has a slew of new “boy” outfits. 

When I asked her if she was prepared to face the kids at school that will make fun of her because they don’t understand she said “Yeah, I will tell them that I’m happy and their opinion doesn’t matter to me”.

Oh yeah…she’s 7.

Wow the support…she’s going to love this when she wakes up tomorrow. Thank you guys.

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The start of a stick n poke tattoo…

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Doing these this weekend

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You need:

- A needle;  Ink (I use eyeliner); Desinfection spray and skin!

Step 1 : Desinfect + clean your skin and the needle

Step 2 : Draw your Image you want with a pencil on your skin 

Step 3 : Put the Ink on your skin and poke the Ink into the skin. Its Important not only to poke it in, but also to “pull” the tip of the needle up so the ink will stay in your skin.

Step 4 : Take a cloth and put some water on it (littelittlebit) and wash away the ink which is redundant

(You may have to poke again  few times on the same place)

Step 5 : Repeat 

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Stick & Poke flashes. Really good stuff.